The Falcon App

Available on AppStore and PlayStore

Get drinks directly from your phone. Wherever you are, at a friends place or at home, you are just a few tabs away from your favorite beverage and snack. Just use your GPS to locate a store near you. Ordering is secure and easy. Delivery is lightning fast.

Become a Partner

Recieve orders online. Falcon is the site for night shops. With us you can sell everything you sell in your shop, online. Partners recieve orders and only have to do the delivery. No need to worry about a website.

We developed our service together with a Rotterdam night shop and gained a lot of experience in the business. We set everything up for you so you can get started right away.

Falcon is hiring

We are a fast moving, fast growing, Rotterdam based start up. There is a lot to do and we are always looking for talented and ambitious team members. Our long term vision is to make all convenience goods instantly available. We are looking for developers, designers and sales people

We also offer great internships for university students, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable start up experience in your field while studying. If you can code, are a good designer or have a hand for sales apply now.